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Chris Debacker (B) wins 1. Prov. Blois with offspring Nieuwe Olympiade

Chris Debacker (B) wins 1. Prov. Blois with offspring Nieuwe Olympiade

Chris Debacker from Beveren won impressive, four provincial victories since the weekend of 1st of August. And his most eye-catching result achieved on the Interprovincial race of Blois: a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. of 6,907 young birds.
"Fanny", B20-3106554, took a convincing provincial win in Blois against 6,907 pigeons. The week before that, she also claimed a 289th prov. of 5,474 young birds, again in Blois. And she finished in 8th place of 520 young birds in Arras, her opening race.
The sire is "Willem", a direct cock bought at Willem de Bruijn from Reeuwijk and bred from Son Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x Florence"Florence" (Stefaan Lambrechts) through Eijerkamp, combined with "Vroom" (Stefaan Lambrechts) who was 9. Nat. Ace youngsters The Best of the Best. The "Zoon Nieuwe Olympiade" NL13-1804792NL13-1804792 was gifted in 2013 to good friend of the Eijerkamp family Willem de Bruijn who already bred numerous good pigeons from this cock. He became, at WIllen de Bruijn, father to 15. Nat. Ace Young 2015 WHZB, 13. Nat. Ace Young M.D. Pipa 2016, 6. Prov. Melun 23,833 pigeons etc.
The dam is "Bea", winner of three first prizes, including a 1st prov. Tours (1,076 pigeons), as well as a 3rd prov. Tours (2,389 pigeons) and a 238th Nat. Chateauroux (26,695 pigeons) in the loft of Chris Debacker.

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